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Transfer to Bank Account Completed

and yet, 24 hours later, the money is NOT in my  Bank Checking account.  How long does it usually takes to get YOUR money from PayPal into your regular bank account?

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calopsitaaviary New Community Member
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Re: Transfer to Bank Account Completed

I am having the same problem, however money says it was completed about 1 week ago and still has not shown up on my bank statement. 

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Moderator Amanda411 Moderator
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Re: Transfer to Bank Account Completed

Hi Ostravaczech,


It typically takes 3-4 business days before a withdrawal is credited to your bank account from PayPal. If the withdrawal status is "complete" that means that PayPal has processed the withdrawal and sent it to the bank. It will still take time for the bank to receive and process the deposit.



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mamie860 Contributor
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Re: Transfer to Bank Account Completed

yea, it takes about 2 days, because i transferred money to my bank account last week tuesday nov 10, and the money was in my account that thursday nov 12th. so yea it takes about 2 days depending on your bank policy on how long it take them to process the money when they receive it.


And also call you bank to see if they have recieved it sometimes it could be a delay with your bank.

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