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Pay Pal **bleep** Me Off! 5 day and counting and I still cant get at my money!

New Community Member

Pay Pal **bleep** Me Off! 5 day and counting and I still cant get at my money!

I have had this issue / problem with pay pal before. they can take money from my account in seconds...but it takes them many tiumes as long as a week to put it back! WTF!


Yea, yea, we do it in batches and it takes days to get enought together to do a batch! (pay pal escuse when directly asked WTF?)


BS! Excuses! This is 2010 folks. I hate to have games played with me and this is just a game to hold cash, gain interest on my money and to keep the pay pal books and cash flow strong on my and others money they **bleep** around with.


This process has cost me money in overdraft fees at my bank...loss of opportunity because my cash was tied up in this week and lame system.


I am waiting on $500.00 right now. It was transfered from my bank on the 5th of May. it is now the 10th of May...the amount is still in process and they say on the transfer info it will be available on the 10th. Hello Mc Fly! Itr is the 10th   and no money.


The transfer was a mistake. Pay Pal refused to cancel the transfer...their recomendation...wait till it shows up...then transfer it back...Duh!...What!


So I can have it back in my account by the 20thj of may?  Oh! Wait! Forgive me...there is a weekend in play here. I may have my money back by the 24th...may have it back!


Get Real Pay Pal!


Get yoiu act together! This suvcks big rocks! and in this particular do all of you who manage and direct this process!


I am sincere and I am not just another **bleep** of nut!


I will be genuinely suprised if this note is even acknoleged any less the system be changed, upgraded, and the cusomer treated fairly and with respect!


Hey! Pay Pal! Suprise me! Fix this lame system. Treat your customers right. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. I dont think this is it!