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I to have been receiving these emails

Are they legit or have I passed my details onto someone else, the last time i clicked on one of these e@paypal links a Trojan was installed as soon as i clicked the link.I never noticed this until virus software picked it up then I looked at the anti virus log and noticed it was same time as email opened.

The lack of response from the mods on this topic isn't very encouraging IMO



I treied posting the email but got this

The message body contains which is not permitted in this community. Please remove this content before sending your post.

It did say a bit more but would let me post with it in the post?




Im sorry this was meant to be posted on another thread, I suppose I just wanna know if the e@paypal is legit or is it a scam.i might have passed my deatails onto a scammer, my pay pal account is for bussines so i cannot afford some ascammer to clean it out.



Hi Glasgowg,


Welcome to the community forum! I can confirm that the email address you have mentioned is not a valid PayPal email address, and it sounds like you've received some phishing emails.


PayPal will never ask you to click on links in any unsolicited emails sent to you. If you have clicked on a link in any of these emails, we recommend changing your account's password and security questions as soon as possible. You can also try and run antivirus software on your computer.


You’ll know that an email is not from PayPal when:


  • The email uses a generic greeting like ‘Dear user’ or ‘Hello, PayPal member.’ We always address you by your first name and last name or the business name on your PayPal account.
  • The email requests financial and other personal information. For example, an email from PayPal never asks for the numbers of your bank account, debit or credit card, or driving licence. We also don’t request your email addresses, your full name, your account password, or the answers to your PayPal security questions.
  • The email includes an attachment, a software update to install on your computer.
  • The email asks you to make a payment outside of PayPal, such as by bank transfer or Western Union.

If you are unsure about any emails you receive which state that they come from PayPal, you can forward them to us at You will receive a response from us within 24-72 hours.


You can also click ‘Security’ at the bottom of any PayPal page to learn more about fake emails and websites and online safety.





New Community Member

don't you think you should be doing more about tracking down the perpertators of this scam? sureley any big company such as yours should have the muscle to get to the root of this and save a lot a people so much grief?  it does'nt do your reputation much good to see so many conned


even some of your own people seem to have been taken in by this


how can the average person with little experience of this set up be expected to survive an inocent shopping experience



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