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Verifying my account

New Community Member

Verifying my account

Cannot verify by a phone call as we have a system in place that guards against nuisance calls, and no automated calls can be received, can we verify another way? But when it "says" try another way and I click on it, it takes me right back to logging in and the process begins all over again. Thanks for any help with this issue. 


Re: Verifying my account

Hi @snobyrd,


Apologies for the delay, are you referring to verification when you are logging into the PayPal account? If so and you are unable to receive the call, the quickest way to have this resolved is to call us directly using the 'contact us' -> 'call us' option at the bottom of any PayPal page. You can select 'without logging in', we will be able to manually verify your details, help you get logged back in and update the phone number to avoid this happening again.


Hope this helps,