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Paypal, EBay, Pseudonym, Personal Security


Paypal, EBay, Pseudonym, Personal Security

Hello all,


For personal security reasons, I do not want my real name showing up on Ebay or PP emails, invoices, receipts etc.


I believe I can use a pseudonym on Ebay (a chosen email), but I cannot on PP – is this correct or not?


Is there a way to do this please?


I do not care if Ebay or PP know my real name, just that it is never associated with my address, in any form of communication, as described above.





Re: Paypal, EBay, Pseudonym, Personal Security

I will ask again.


Where are the mods, advisers etc????


For example, in a 'Notificati​on of a pending eCheque payment' (and all similar offline and online docs), I do not want my real name (registered) showing (which it does and that is not in ‘the demo’), only my email contact.


How do I turn it off/hide it?


You can hardly call PP 'safe', if it reveals personal details it will not let me change or hide … you may as well reveal all our personal details, in an Ebay transaction etc … name, address the lot, since you do, by default!!!


Someone ‘in authority’ please reply ASAP, so I can quickly move my custom elsewhere, if I cannot.





Re: Paypal, EBay, Pseudonym, Personal Security

Hi there ColShofer,


The only way that you can have your account updated not to show the name registered on your PayPal account is by registering business information on your account. What you can do is register your business name. This will result in your business name being sent to sellers if you purchase items from them.


I don't know exactly what you mean by using a pseudonym email address. I have never heard of this but as long as you can access the email address, you should be able to register the information and confirm the details on your PayPal account.


I understand the concern but if you are purchasing an item from a seller, we obviously need to provide some details of your account to your seller so that they can have the item posted out to you. If we didn't, you would not be able to receive your items.


I hope this helps,



New Community Member

Re: Paypal, EBay, Pseudonym, Personal Security

What if you are sending money to the recipient with no physical purchase involved?