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Log in problem

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Hello everyone,


Well I have been having problems logging in to paypal for over 2 weeks now.
I have emailed customer support various times and have recieved phone calls from them trying to resolve this problem.


My problem is that when I try to log in all I get is the "One moment..." and the loading symbol until it times out.
I have literally tried everything, cleared my cache , cleared cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled my browser I even downloaded a completely diferent browser, tried logging in on various computers (home computer, work computer, firends computer) and still nothing worked.


What I figured out by myself is if I modify the URL, and remove this:


And just leave ""


That finally redirects me to a page that says: "Sorry — your last action could not be completed"
But on this page I can access some of the links, but I cannot access my account overview.


So this leads me to believe that I cannot log in properly because I can't access my account overview. (When you log in, it normally redirects you to your account overview) (I cannot access my account overview for some reason, therefore have problems logging in).


So, has any one else had / have this problem? How did you fix it? What should I do? I have explained to customer support exactly like this and they do not have a clue...


Thanks. Tom


Log in problem

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Log in problem


Sorry, I posted one in the US community and then I found the UK side (so I posted one here as well).

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