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Is this a new spoof?


Is this a new spoof?

I'm fairly vigilant and can spot obvious PayPal spoofs and phishing.  I always forward these emails to  Of course I get an automatic reply (I wouldn't expect anything else) thanking me for my diligence.

This weeks "spoof" however, was on a different level.  The email invited me to "Check your PayPal activity for this month, something PayPal has never done before.  The email addressed me directly by my proper account name.  On the email was an announcement that I hadn't added my bank details to my account.  What? how can PayPal manage my payments if they don't have details of my bank credit card account?

On forwarding this suspicious email to PayPal I got the usual auto reply but this time it said "Unfortunately, we're unable to determine if this email is considered phishing because the email did not claim to come from PayPal. Nonetheless, we are grateful for your concern."

What?  In the "From field" it said ......... This vital piece of information doesn't seem to be allowed here but suffice to say there is an exrta "e." just before the proper PayPal address after the @ sign.

I re-sent the supposedly spoof email and I extracted the header to include in the main body of text, particularly the line reading......

"Received: from (unknown [])"  (ISP address can be supplied)

I even included a screen grab of the email which is beautifully fashioned to look like a genuine PayPal email.

Result? an identical auto responder as above.

On both occasions I asked the question, "is this a genuine PalPay email" and I still haven't had a suitable answer.

The reference from PayPal to my enquiry is (KMM12502778V43170L0KM).

Is there a vague possibility that one of you clever moderators can shed some light on this?

We do our best but at times we need your help.  I can PM all the details if you think it would help.


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Re: Is this a new spoof?

I have a computer programming background and I'm usually the one telling my family what to look out for so they won't get spoofed, but I'm as confused as you are.


I sold something on ebay and I almost immediately received and email from paypal saying I had received payment.  Click on the link to go to my account.  I inspected the link and it looked good to me.  I clicked on it and I went to paypal, or so I thought.  I didn't see the payment and I just forgot about it....yes, I am stupid.


Just this morning I received an email saying that I had to claim my money or it would go back to the buyer.  And I clicked on the link, AGAIN!  Yes, now I am a stupid idiot.  Still no money there.


I called paypal and they asked if, in the email, I was addressed as Dear (my Name) or Dear (my email address).  I told the rep that it used my email address. The rep said that was a spoof email.  He said paypal addresses people in their emails using their full name.


He then sent me a link so I could change my password (his email to me used my full name).  I went in and changed my password.


I told they rep that I don't know who I should believe at this point.  I asked him how this is happening and he said.."We really don't know".  Yikes, so I'm not so sure if the original emails were valid or did I get fooled into changing my password.


All I know is that if I ever get my money from the ebay buyer... (yes, I am a freaking stupid idiot for thinking I might see a penny)....I will cancel my ebay and paypal accounts and get a new credit card and cancel the one that is on paypal.


Sorry if I babbled a bit there.  I'm soooooo confused!

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Re: Is this a new spoof?

I've also been getting these e.paypal emails.  I cannot believe the poor customer service by paypal on this issue.  A previous topic " - legit or am I in trouble?


says its solved, but it obviously is not.  Paypal needs to officially address this issue.  I do a bit of business here and am now very concerned about the security of my account.


Re: Is this a new spoof?

so what gives with this email coming from paypal @ e.

I just had 1 as well, I dont remember getting anything like this before from paypal.
It had my real name & email address.
It also had a log in button.

I happened to be already logged in to paypal, so I pressed the log in button & it took me to my account logged in

<my real name>, have you checked your PayPal activity this month?

Dear <my name>,
Your monthly account statement is now ready to view online. Log in to see how much balance you currently have and your recent transaction activity.
    Primary email address     
    <my real email address>
    Statement Date     
    13 Nov 2012
This link will take you to the secure PayPal homepage where you can log in to your PayPal account. If you're concerned about the security of this email, type into your browser and log in that way.


Re: Is this a new spoof?

Hi Ssscruddy, 


Have you signed up to get monthly statements on your PayPal account?. 


Please repost



Re: Is this a new spoof?

As originater of this thread I would guess not.  THAT'S WHAT WE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT!!!!!


Re: Is this a new spoof?

Hi Pinky44, 


Monthly Account Statements summarise your Business or Premier account transactions in a given month. Monthly Statements will provide totals of payments received, payments sent, fees and other credits and debits for each day of a given month. Once activated, you can access your statements from the History subtab. Can you please check to see if this is activated on your account as I can not view your PayPal account. If it is activated and you do not wish to receive these please click the option from YES to NO


 Monthly Account Statements:


  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click 'Profile' near the top of the page.
  3. Select 'My money'.
  4. In the 'More financial settings' section click 'Monthly account statements'.
  5. Select 'NO' and click 'Save'. 

I hope this helps 


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Re: Is this a new spoof?

We keep getting paypal charges for watches purchased by various people and shipping to various addresses.  I have reported this to paypal with no response.


It is very alarming and distracting, because the first thing you do is pull up your bank account to make sure it wasn't legitimate.


Why have I "all of a sudden started getting these things?  Up to four a day!"


Re: Is this a new spoof?

I've just received one of those emails from (censored for some reason)

I forwarded my email to and have not yet received a reply.

A whois told me the email originated at  'e-Dialog, Inc' in Massachusetts.

A lot of people are saying that this 'e.paypal' thing is a scam. Sure looks like one even though it is well made and has links to public PayPal pages.

I'm wondering who I have given my details to lately?

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Re: Is this a new spoof?

I just got a message from an address purportedly from PayPal but with an 'e' in front of the url, asking me to provide my card details because a payment had been declined, and asking me to add a credit card. I don't remember trying to make any payments recently, and when I went into PayPal from another browser I couldn't find a record of any declined payments in the last three months, so I think it might not be genuine. But it does have my name on it, and when I click on the link it takes me to what looks like the official Paypal page. Strange.