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Can't send money; Security login problems.

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Okay. So.

Paypal was working fine yesterday,

but today when I try to send money [6$]

it asks for a phone-number verification. [Just because.]

But the number is so old & not even activated, I go to change it.

The change is successful.

Now, the phone number I have is from a hand me down phone I got from a friend; under their contract, I pay them to keep it running.

[Remember when I said it had no problems updating the phone?]

well, I go to send again, same problem.

Only this time,


So I manually add it.

"This phone isn't under you name"

Well no crap sherlock.

So I try the parents' house phone number. Still no.

So I sent paypal an email

[of course it's a bullcrap automated response that has nothing to do with anything about "suspicious activity"]

[[Because if it was suspicious activity, they claim i'd have gotten an email or some type of warning, which, I haven't.]]


And then tried other things to bypass it like add a semi-newer email, the house phone to the list, still nothing,

and Paypal hasn't reponded yet again, either.


I've been a pretty good customer for years, i'd like to think,

always paying my dues right when they are due, etc.

but this is pretty freaking annoying and worriesome?



Anyone know what I should do?

Has this happened to anyone else?



Can't send money; Security login problems.


Oh, and did I mention-


To confirm the mobile number to begin with it needs to send confirmation? 😄

Which I got done no problem!


but it still refuses to acknowledge it.

Can't send money; Security login problems.


Hi there,


I see you have not had a response from any of our members to date.


As you pointed out the phone needs to be registered in your name. Do you see an alternative step such as to provide photo ID? If not, I recommend reaching out to us on Twitter or Facebook for further assistance. You can Tweet @AskPayPal or send a message through


-David R

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