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Ripped off by eBay scammer and PayPal


Ripped off by eBay scammer and PayPal

New message from: tsingtaowolf (319Turquoise Star)
do not be silly
i refund $340 but you though paypal to refund and it was charge by paypal ok?
not me
i was not lie about the laptop
it was a mistake, ok
if it was a lie i wont refund you
nobody care the money it was the way to process
i am not amazon, i can not afford too much

Your previous message

You bothersome fool. First, you falsely advertise to get my PayPal money, then you cost me $20 to send back the item you lied about, then, you STUPIDY, lying made the mistake of refunding the money you scammed from me in the first place, then you want to scam me the difference between $340 and $329.84.

Surely you can find a better way to make money than scamming pennies on eBay.


just let you know that i get the laptop and refund you fully
but somehow i refund twice, so i claimed a refund.