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How do I view my login history?

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 I receieved a security notice from EBay stating that I had logged in at another location. This, as a seller, genuinely scared the life out of me, considering how much is linked to my account. I want to simply know if:

a - there is a way to view my login history.

b - if I can, what information does it include?

   * Date / Time ?

   * Browser info?

   * IP Geo-location?



...and if there is no such feature on EBay, how do I go about requesting my login history from EBay? 


I am very troubled to learn my account was logged into somewhere else, and I would like to deduce whether it is a legitimate security concern, or if it is just a genuine error or "over-security". Any help greatly appreciated, the sooner the better naturally! My seller account may be at stake.

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