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first ebay store paypal transaction

so i made my first sell on ebay. when i click the paypal transaction details under:


Selling Manager>Sold>Awaiting Payment

it says:

The transaction ID in your link is invalid.


any ideas as to why

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PayPal_Adrian Administrator
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Re: first ebay store paypal transaction

negativebrown -


Welcome to the Community!


First, I want to assure you this isn't the normal functionality of the link you're using - in almost all instances, it works as designed.  In this case, it sounds like the eBay system didn't pull the correct information and port it over to your selling page.  :smileysad:


However, you should still be able to see in your PayPal account if you have received a payment.  After logging in, just click on History and you'll be able to search for any payments you have received.





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