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List and Sell Promotion - never received promised $10 Paypal gift certificate

Hello all,


I originally posted this hours before the "Coupons and Promotions" board was closed, and never got a reply.  This message is meant to be a continuation of a closed thread found here:


I'm sorry to bring up an older topic, but I have been calling Ebay every 3-4 weeks for the last 4 months and have gotten nowhere on this.  I keep getting vague promises that everything will be cleared up within 72 hours, one week, etc., but nothing changes.  In my attempt to find anyone else who might be in my same position, I found the older thread I linked above when searching Google.  I am certainly upset I did not find it back in October, as it seems like the people here are genuinely helpful and were able to actually resolve the problem for a few people.  If it is at all possible, please look into this for me.  I still have the original email about the offer ("dbwells70: Get a $10 eBay Gift Certificate--list and sell!"), and as you can see, my Ebay ID is dbwells70.


I know I have already exceeded $10 in effort in trying to get this offer honored, but I feel pretty strongly about the principle here.  Please help if you are able!


Thank you,


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