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How to speed up buying process for eBay items..??


How to speed up buying process for eBay items..??

I have a client who is a high volume buyer on eBay.  They're purchasing about $100k/mo or more on eBay.  

They came to me because they're having an issue where other people are buying more quickly than they can simply because the PayPal pages take so long to get through.

They have existing tools to notify them when something is posted that theyw ant to buy.  This only becomes an issue when the seller has Require Immediate Payment enabled.  In these cases, they get their notification immediately when the item was posted, so they load the item, click buy now, and it takes them over to PayPal.  By the time they're done logging in and submitting the payment, though, the item is often already purchased by somebody else.  

I looked into using the eBay PlaceOffer API to automate this process, however, it does not allow me to buy items where immediate payment is required.  

Is there any way within eBay already I could solve this issue, or any way to combine eBay and PayPal API's to make this work?

For example, I could setup a Preapproval Profile for the person on PayPal. That way, we wouldn't need to go through the process of signing in to PayPal and approving the purchase...the approval would already be done and our application could submit the PayPal payment directly and automatically.  

I don't see anyway to actually purchase the item and submit the immediate payment via the API, though..??

Does eBay have anything like this built in, by chance?  Any way for buyers on eBay to setup a Paypal Preapproval so that they can do "one click checkout" on eBay items and avoid going through the PayPal website which is very slow?

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  


Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!