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Having trouble with a buyer


Having trouble with a buyer

I sold an item to a person on ebay.  The item arrived in 3 days even though the shipping terms on the item said that the item handling was 3 business days and 1-5 days shipping time.  The buyer sent me a message that the item did not arrive in time for their end of season party and they wanted a refund.  I told them it was fine and that I would get my shipper to come pick up the item and they would have to pay the return shippng of $13.95 and as soon as I got the item back they would get the refund minus the $13.95.  This person filled a claim with ebay saying they did not recieve the item that they thought they were buying.  Now paypal has taken the money back pending the outcome of the claim.  How do I get this person to comply with the terms of the sale or get paypal to release my funds?

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Re: Having trouble with a buyer

Unfortunately you're at the mercy of PayPal's policies and their resolution process decisions.   Case in point example - a seller has a 30 day return policy however, PayPal's return policy is 45 days, thus the seller gets trumped.