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Ebay buyer. Refund pending.

I paid for 2 items on Ebay Saturday night. I quickly realized that I bought the wrong gifts so I contacted the sellers and explained. Both sellers refunded the money for the items before they shipped but paypal says..  "From now on, money you receive will be temporarily held in a pending balance"


I just wanted to know why paypal would make me wait to give me back the money. The sellers refunded the money on Sunday/Monday. Thanks

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Re: Ebay buyer. Refund pending.

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Hello ejwilson1984 and Welcome to the Community Robot wink


That's great that both sellers were understanding enough to refund your money right away.


It sounds like what has happened is the seller refunded the payment before the payment was actually cleared from the bank. In that case the funds will be held in a pending balance until they have cleared. Once they have cleared they will be available in your PayPal balance.


I hope that makes sense.


Smiley HappyMisty



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