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why paypal steeling my money


Re: why paypal steeling my money

I whish i can get lost from you,but you are coming back,now you are LEGAL and FINANCIAL expert, i see.thank you for all .please dont come back!!!!!
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Re: why paypal steeling my money



Whish = wish.

And your punctuation is pretty bad as well.


I will come back whenever and however many times that I want to.

You asked a question, its not our fault that you have not got the intelligence to understand the answer.

Advice is voluntarily given.
Kudos / Solution appreciated if I helped you.

Re: why paypal steeling my money

Paypal is not asking for ID because it is providing free service to you,but in cyberspace anyone can hide behind a keyboard .

recently FBI found an Ebay seller accepting payments via Paypal and never ship anything,it turns out he is receiving fund from overseas ISIS affiliated organisation for US ISIS operations.

FBI,US customs,local police,DEA ,manufacturers of brand name products ,they are all watching us.