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account under review

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account under review

I am new to ebay and paypal. I began selling some things on ebay and they went to my paypal account. suddenly i have limited access to my paypal account. gives options to verify so i sent in photos of home address. week later still nothing other than its under review. now its asking me to verify my cc for a 1.95 cent fee..are you kidding me??? this is getting ridiculous. then it says after charging the 1.95 have to wait 3-5 days for a code to verify it??? come on..had i known all this before i signed up for paypal i never would of agreed to use it.

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Re: account under review



Well when you open your paypal account you have to verify it with a card.

They charge you a small amount to send you the code to check the card is valid and then when you enter the code in your paypal wallet the fee is refunded.

Pretty straightforward really.

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