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Wrong name on return address on shipping label


Wrong name on return address on shipping label

A very weird thing happened today when I printed a shipping label, and I'm lucky I caught it. I happened to look at the return address and instead of my name, the name Brittain <removed> was in its place, followed by my correct mailing address. I checked my account and everything is perfect and I see no way this could have happened except for a website bug. The name Brittain <removed> is nowhere to be found in my account unless it's hidden somewhere. 


Anyone else have this problem? Not sure who to report this to. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.



Volunteer Advisor

Re: Wrong name on return address on shipping label

If you have an account with the shipping carrier, sometimes your shipping information that you have on your account with them may or may not override the shipping information with PayPal. If you find that's not the case, then I strongly recommend contacting PayPal's technical support by phone at or by email at Let me know how it goes! Also, I'm sorry if it seems that I'm too straightforward.