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Updating Business Name Won't Process...


Updating Business Name Won't Process...

My business name has changed. When I get to the screen seen below and click Continue nothing happens. It doesn't matter how many times I log in or log out. It doesn't matter which reason for name change I choose. No matter what I try to do, I can't get past this page. Anyone know a way around this or heard of this before? Thank you!

Name Change - PayPal - Google Chrome 2018-02-09 07.18.43.jpg


Re: Updating Business Name Won't Process...

Sometimes web browser cookies cause issues - you can try a couple of things:   First try deleting your browser's cookies, cache, temp files and history, then close the browser, reopen it and log back into your account.  Another option is to try a different web browser.  If the issue persists, then you may want to call customer service for help with making the name change.

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