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Paypal we have a problem!

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Paypal we have a problem!

Hello to the people of Paypal! I've ran into some issues that could easily be fixed by Paypal. Here's the story! 


I've made a small error only to receive such a big punishment. I have two Paypal accounts, now I must inform you that I only would of had 1 account if eBay would of accepted the account I'm using to type out to the community but for some reason it would not allow me to use my primary account ( which holds all my personal information to prevent stuff like this from happening) so I created another account but under a family nickname. That's where I **bleep** up, they claim. I told a specialist through the phone about why I used two different names which was because I didn't want to cause suspicious activity by having two accounts of the same name. I'm sure if they saw me having two accounts they would of been like "Wait a minute? Two accounts under the same name? Hmmm interesting." So after explaining to him my small error, he said I'd still have to wait 180 days to receive my funds from the sale I made through eBay, he was very rude by the way so I resorted to Twitter to talk to a specialist from there. They understood my issue and informed me to try again in 30 days to see if they can do an early release of funds. Now what I don't understand is, noticed I mentioned that I now have two accounts. I put my mobile number on both accounts, address is the same on both accounts, basically everything but the name is the same. Why can't Paypal look at proof of tracking like they do to hold the funds until delivery, it has the name of who's shipping it out on the labels. eBay has the same information as the two PayPal accounts. Why can't we be allowed to use proof of existence by the eBay transaction? Why can't they use common sense and see that I have two accounts linked to the same number IN WHICH they require us to confirm. I have proof that I am who I am on the second account based on that transaction from eBay but they don't want to look at it for some reason. I'm just trying to get my money like everyone else is. What other solutions can I use instead of waiting a whole 6 months. That's not right. I understand that this whole mistake is my fault of adding a family nickname which they would consider a 'false name' but for the love of God can anyone help a brother out? 

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Re: Paypal we have a problem!

we are allowed 2 Paypal accounts,one personal and one business,each can have up to 8 email addresses.