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Kid account

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Kid account

I am the kid in this case but my mom doesn't have time right now so i will be typing this. My mom made me an account but when i received money it says i need to prove my identity. I could use either proof of address photo ID or Proof of SSN. So how would i be able to receive money on my account. Can i put my parents info in and do that would that work. If you can please respond fast I have money pending and i would like to add it to my balance soon

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Re: Kid account



You are not allowed to own a paypal account until you are 18.

If you are under 18 then you would not be able to verify any account in your name and it would be limited along with any funds in that account.

Any accounts linked under the same IP address would probably be limited as well and you may not be allowed to open a paypal account when you are 18.

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