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I made terrible mistakes


I made terrible mistakes

I made a terrible mistake.  First, my son was sent $30 from someone's Paypal account.  Since he doesn't have a bank account, he transferred the money to my Paypal account.  I clicked Transfer to Bank so I could withdraw the money, BUT I PICKED THE WRONG BANK account!  So, I requested a refund to my son, and now it's saying the funds were from ANOTHER bank account.  Which, they were not.  Both of those accounts no longer exist and I'm at a loss what to do.  Now, I can't even delete the accounts until this has cleared.  What is going to happen?  This is beyond idiotic, it's all my fault for trying to do this exhausted and not thinking clearly.


Can anyone let me know how this is going to play out?  THANKS!

Volunteer Advisor

Re: I made terrible mistakes

You and your son are involved in so much irregular activity

You and your son's account may get limited or closed due to fraudulent and/or suspicious activity.  Why doesn't your son have his own bank account.

Your son has a PayPal account linked to someone else's bank account (it is yours you it is still not his); this appears fraudulent or at least suspicous.

So your son sends the money to you.  This also becomes suspicious as money sent is immediately sent to another party; money laundering goes in convoluted transfers.  PayPal has a lot of automatice controls to detect irregular activity.

So now you transfer to money to your bank account but you picked a wrong account.

You can't refund money sent as friends/family.  And then you have 2 accounts somewhere which don't exist anymore.

You can't cancel bank transfers.

At this point I have no clue what you are trying to do.


Re: I made terrible mistakes

Are you accusing me of doing this as FRAUD?  My son doesn't have a bank account because he's rarely got a job to get money to put in an account.  Your solutions, of which there are none, are insulting in your suggestion of illegal activity.  Let me explain it to you, again.  Someone sent my son money from THEIR Paypal account.  I one bank account that's no longer valid because it was from my failed business.  The other account was my late husband's an my old bank account.  When he died, they closed out the joint bank aqccount and I had to open an account in my name, only.  So, is that fraud?  Was it illegal that my husband died just to commit fraud, like you suggested?  AND, I remember trying to delete those accounts at the beginning of this year, and they would NOT delete.


Yes, you can halt a transfer if it's PENDING.


You're such a darling flamer.  Bug off and I'll be letting Paypal know about you tomorrow during a chat with a copy and paste of what you insulted me with.


If you're par for the course, I'll let Paypal know about you.  I didn't want your comments, I wanted a possible solution.  Don't have one?  DON"T REPLY.



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Re: I made terrible mistakes

Well, no one here can see any details about any of yoiur accounts.  No one can really follow the trail of all our your activities.  No one can tell you how to fix closed bank accounts; they aren't a PayPal concern.

It seems to me the obvious would to be make a phone call to each bank involved to find out where your money is.  You could phone PayPal support to trace transactions and look for PayPal solutions.

You need to be your own investigator.  Perhaps you could also enlist the help of your son to contact PayPal about his account and bank account links.