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Help me please!

New Community Member

Help me please!

 I have an issue, when i try to link my account with my VISA card (after i confirm my card informations and click on SEND button) a message show up "We’re sorry, something went wrong. Please try again." , so i dont  know why is this happening to me, i cant find a solution, can please someone help me, i beg you guyz! 

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Help me please!

Unfortunately this is a public user community, it's technically not possible to assist with issues such as this via this forum.  We can suggest that you phone customer service for assistance or you can contact PayPal employees via PayPal's Twitter Account.   One option we can think of is to refresh your web browser by deleting the cookies, temp files, history and cache, then close the browser, reopen it and log back in to your PayPal Account.   Another option is to simply try using a different web browser.

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