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social security card upload

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i need to upload my social security card, again, because paypal wont accept my card as it was unsigned. i am FUMING with paypal, after a 15 minute wait on the phone, they promised i could uplaod my card on my account. there is no space to upload, can anoyone direct me to where i need to upload this document? 


social security card upload

Frequent Advisor

There should be a link in the Resolution Center, if not unfortunately, you will need to contact customer support.  Besides phone and email, here's two additional options for contacting them: 

Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on their Facebook page at

social security card upload

New Community Member

There are supposed to be hotlinks on the page you were sent, asking for verifivation documents, for you to scan/upload the docs BUT these links are DEAD on a lot of pages.  You can try F-5 to reload the page but it porbabaly won't help.  You're stuck until the IT folks can get a fix in place which should be no more than 90 days.

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