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Trading name issues


Trading name issues

Hi There,


We have a corporate entity which is also a brand name - and this entity also owns other brands which compete in the same market.


Here's an example of the issue we're facing:

  1. Imgaine you're purchasing a car from Ford
  2. You see the Ford logo on the PayPal screen
  3. But the link at the bottom states “Cancel and return to General Motors”

With these particular brands, in this particular market, our situation is as silly as the example above. 


If we change the account name to the trading name, the information won't match the bank account – is this the best way to make this work?


Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated - we're already using a logo so we're after specific info on how to use a trading name with PayPal.







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Re: Trading name issues

Unfortunately the best way to setup a PayPal Account is to have a neutral business name.   This is assuming you are using Payments Standard, you have one business name but, have more than one web site.   For example - this way your Shoe web site does not look like payments are going to your T-Shirt web site.


One work around is to use Payments Pro and setup a child/parent relationship.  There are additional monthly charges to consider.  If you want to learn more about this feature, you need to contact customer support.