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PayPal holding my money: day 23

New Community Member

PayPal holding my money: day 23

So I sold an item using Grailed on the date of November 2nd (payment received at 2:06:45),and I was expecting a 21 day hold as at the bottom of the transaction details it said Withheld until: November 23. It is now the 25th and I am without available funds. Yesterday, the 24th I had called over the phone and talked to a seemingly clueless employee, in which he stated that I would have my fund available within 24 hours to a week. That is completely absurd. My customer has already received their item, tracking # even proves that (customer received their item November 6th), and there is still some sort of dispute from PayPal's end...please help 


Re: PayPal holding my money: day 23

Im having the same issue as you, selling on grailed, Ive called many times and been lied to over the phone, my payments have been held for OVER A MONTH.. and they issued me a temporary credit because they said they had a glitch in the system, and that the credit would be charged back once my funds were released, well paypal decided not to wait and took from my 0$ balence and now i am negative thousands of dollars, and still wont release my funds. Your not alone man, hope your issue gets sorted out, paypal is one of the worst companys and if they dont do something about our funds then im gonna spread the word all over social media as i have millions of followers.