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International invoicing

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International invoicing



I live in Canada, and I have sent invoices to clients in Brazil in the client's currency (R$).


My clients are not being able to proceed with the payments, apparently because of the currency, and were recommended that an invoice in CAD to be sent instead.


Is that a real issue? How does it work? Do I have to apply the exchange rate myself from R$ to CAD, and then invoice them in CAD?


I just think there should be an easier/smoother way to do this...


Thanks in advance for all the inputs!



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Re: International invoicing




There is a very easy way to do it.


You invoice them in your currency.


They pay the invoice and before they click submit it tells them how much in their currency will be deducted from their funding source.


Paypal will deduct your normal fee plus any currency conversion / cross border fees due before crediting the rest to your paypal balance.





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