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Has anyone received emails about becoming a representative in the us from a someone in Poland claiming they need represenrtaives in the us to receieve the money in their paypal acount because paypal has a 350/month limit on transactions. Gotta be a Scam.

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Hi M Brigs,

Yes, I have -- I've actually responded to it for a whole week regarding fixing letters for them etc. At the moment, they've only required paypal account email nothing more -- but now they are tryin gto get me to be a representative. This is their process outlined in an e-mail I received from: TRADERA, A**** L****** <removed>





Hi again,





The position is in details:

The work takes less than 1 hour per day (2-3 days a week).


The process is in the following:


  1. We sell an item at auction and receive the payment from a buyer to your Paypal account.


  1. We confirm the delivery of the item by providing the delivery proof such as tracking number and




  1. Once the money is available, You will withdraw the money from your PayPal account to your bank account


to be able to

 take it for sending to us.


  1. We will give you the instructions with contains a calculation, how to send the money to us and how




  1. In the instructions You will see in details:

   Your 5% commissions, paypal fees, transfer fees, and everything else necessary with it.

   We pay all expenses ourself and You don't have to cover any of expenses.



You have a fixed monthly salary - $1500 USD and a 5% interest from each signle deal.

The interest is paid at once You accept the payment. A salary - once a month.









Full name:

Your phone number: (available any time during the day, with no voice machine) Your Home address: (P.O.Box is not acceptable) PayPal e-mail: (same as PayPal login) it should be Verified with limits lifted.



You need to send your contact details to our sales specialists e-mail address:






You should have 'Verified' PayPal account with transfer, withdrawal and receiving limits lifted.

The best way to lift any possible limits - contact PayPal and ask them to lift all of them.


We will pay You for editing earlier, the 1st payment accepted for a sale will include the payment for


texts - $155.

We are waiting for the required details from You, then we will give You the rules for your studying and








A phone interview with You and You will start working from the same day.



Thank You






I'm not sure 1) if this is a scam or 2) if it is real, how is it possible since I imagine they can still make money without using paypal. Transfering money to my paypal then to my bank account then send to them? But that process comes down the line. 

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This is absolutely a scam.  I went through this exact same thing, but it was called Vatera, not Tradera.  


I ended up doing the whole thing all the way to the end, and they deposited $6,000.00 in my Paypal account, but then I called the FBI and they confirmed that it was a scam.  They will have you transfer the money, which is paid by a credit card, then they so called buyer/depositor of the money claims to not be happy and wants a refund. 


So I never took out the money from my account and told PayPal it was a scam.


PayPal is oblgated to return the money, and you have already wired the money to whoever in Russia, and then guess who is stuck with the bill? 

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Yes, I was foolish enough and got scammed into editing letters for one week and then became agent and got scammed for two shipments which have been returned and have no idea what happened to money.

It is definitely a scam and stay away from it.

None of my emails or phone calls have been responded to by so called Tradera representative.

It is definitely a HoAx. SO what are we going to do to stop it or what does PayPal plans to do ?

THank you. 

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I've received the same letter. Does anyone know if this is a scam
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Thanks for reaching out to us here! You are right to be cautious here. From reviewing the email it does look like a typical scam. I would not recommend proceeding with this. Often times they will use people such as yourselves to process stolen credit cards. The funds then end up getting charged back by the credit card company leaving the PayPal account holder responsible for the negative balance. You can read more about scams here.


I hope this helps!


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I've also been doing the same thing. I have been editing things for them and now they want me to become a representative? How could it be a scam if I haven't gave them anything?

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For those being a proof reader / editor have you gotten paid?
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I was supposed to get paid May 22nd. I realized it is a scam after editing four sessions. Tradera is a Swedish company however these people claim to work out of Poland using Paypal for payments. They claim not being able to accept payments due to limits. Unbelievable
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