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payment how lon


payment how lon

how long does it take for paypal to refund money to my bank account?

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Re: payment how lon



That depends on many factors you would need to give more info for that.

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Re: payment how lon

I received a notice from paypal in spanish that i took money from my bank account and transferred to my paypal wallet. I did not do that. Been waiting for paypal to put the money back into my bank account.


Re: payment how lon

Hi @ed10,


I'm sorry to hear about any unrecognized activity or confusing emails! Did this transaction show up in your bank account, or are you going solely off of the information in the email? 


If the email you received is the only place where you're seeing the activity, it is likely a spoof/phishing email. You should forward that email to, and make sure not to click any links. Once forwarded to that address, you can safely delete the email.


If you are actually seeing the activity in your bank's online banking and/or your PayPal account, please contact PayPal to report this unauthorized add money transaction. A representative can open an investigation and help you re-secure the account. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email.


I hope this is resolved swiftly!




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