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one dispute, now account limitation.

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one dispute, now account limitation.

I've had a paypal account for 16 years, linked to the same checking account for 16 years.   No problems purchasing online

and paying for many items on ebay for 16 years.  I make ONE charge dispute on my account from microsoft for $10.95 and the next week

my account gets limited.  I'm asked to upload a copy of my checking account, which I have done twice now in the past 2 weeks.

My name, account number and address are the same on my checking account as on record with paypal.  I've yet to receive any

response to emails or second bank statement upload from a week ago.  The only response from customer service has been automated

email messages with help information on account limitation.  It almost appears that my account restriction is a retaliation for 

having the audacity to dispute a charge on my account. 

Everyone should keep this in mind and spread the word.  The Paypal purchase protection is a ONE time deal.  Dispute a charge and you're account

is shut off.  Period.  Paypal is either understaffed to properly resolve account issues or they simply don't care.  

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