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fraudulent charge

New Community Member

fraudulent charge

I received a charge today to paypal which I did not authorize. I tried to dispute it in the resolution site, but it wouldn't tell me the transaction, so I couldn't report it. What do I do?  Thanks


Re: fraudulent charge

Hi @lulu1947,


I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized activity! Were you able to find the transaction in the activity list in your PayPal account, or are you going off of information received in an email. If the information came from an email and isn't present in your account, that would likely be a spoof/phishing email, and the email should be forwarded to If the transaction is actually in your account activity, it should also be able to be selected when your click to report a problem in your account. If there are any difficulties doing that, please reach out to customer support for assistance. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email.


I hope this is resolved for you swiftly!




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