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eBay return and return shipping issues


eBay return and return shipping issues

I purchased an item on eBay (hp refill ink), the ink advertised being as good or better than original HP ink, and also it's designed specifically for my printer cartridge. I have purchased ink for a different inkjet printer from this same type of ink before and never had issues. Now the ink I receieved is super watery, I did not open the colored inks (The kit came with black, cyan, magenta, and yellow), you can not print using this black ink, the ink is like a water color, not at all as described. The day after, I decided to try selling something on eBay for the first time and my account was suspended immediately with posting an item. The suspension froze my account and wouldn't allow me to request a return for the product that was not as described. According to ebay policies, no matter what the sellers return policy is (which is 30 days and buyer pays for return shipping), however if the item is not as described or defective, the seller is responsible for return shipping. I put in a resolution issue on paypal to deal with this since paypal offers an 'item not as described' option. Now my expectation was that paypal was going to tell the seller to provide me return shipping label which was the terms I agreed upon based on making the purchase on ebay (I consider a company advertising policies and not following them fraud). I can understand paypal not refunding my money until I send the item back with their return label. However, paypals descision is that I (the buyer) am edligable for a return and I must ship it back. I do not agree with this resolution, however, I feel there are two issues for me. 1) eBay not allowing the return, 2) Paypal not enforcing the policies that were advertised to me (Seller pays for return shipping if the item is not as described or defective)

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Re: eBay return and return shipping issues

The first thing you should always do is follow the merchants refund policy first. In this case, it is the return policy shown on the listing you purchased the ink from. If eBay or the seller does not respond or follow their own return policy, you can file a dispute in accordance with PayPal's Purchase Program. PayPal and eBay have different policies on returning items. Since you decided to have the item returned through PayPal, then that means you agreed to PayPal's policies on returns. This may or may not have voided eBay's and the seller's return policy - I am not a legal expert. You can locate eBay's return policy at and PayPal's policies at Since your eBay account is frozen, you should contact them through Also, you could always use PayPal's Return Shipping On Us program. You can find more information about the Return Shipping On Us program at

Now, I'm going to go ahead and tell you what the full steps are in order to use the Return Shipping On Us program:

  1. Activate the program at
  2. Once activated, you can then return the item. Even if the seller did or did not deduct the shipping costs from your refund, you must gather the information as follows: IF THE SELLER HAS DEDUCTED the return shipping costs from your refund, you must provide copies of any documents that show the difference between what your item cost, and how much you were refunded. IF YOU PAID FOR THE SHIPPING COSTS/the seller did not deduct the return shipping costs from your refund, you must provide a receipt that shows the return shipping cost and the seller's address. If the receipt doesn't show the seller's address, then you must provide the shipping label document that does show the seller's address or a photo of the package that has the seller's address. However, FOR BOTH CIRCUMSTANCES, you must provide either your PayPal email receipt, or your PayPal transactions page, showing the original purchase.
  3. Once you have the information you need, you can then request a return shipping refund, within 30 days of the return shipping date, at

IMPORTANT: The original purchase, in your case the total purchase amount of the ink, must be paid IN FULL USING YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. It is a must to activate the program on your PayPal account before you attempt to request a return shipping refund. Also, you can use the program up to 12 times per calendar year and up to $30 per claim.