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an email from paypal?


an email from paypal?

You've added a new email address to your PayPal account Dear <removed>, This is to confirm that you've added a new email address to your PayPal account. If you want to make this your primary email address - where we'll send all your account-related information - log in to your PayPal account and go to your Profile. If you didn't add this email, let us know right away. It's important because it helps us make sure no one is accessing your account without your knowledge. Yours sincerely, PayPal


Re: an email from paypal?

Hi @Karas78!


Thanks for stopping by the PayPal Community Forums! Thanks for sharing this message with us. It sounds like you have some concerns about a potential unauthorized change to your account. 


If you do not recall making any changes to your PayPal profile, I would first recommend visiting the PayPal website directly to log into your account and review your email addresses.


If you do not see any changes, then it's very likely the email you received is a phishing email. To report phishing emails to us, please forward them to 


If you see that there's been a change to your profile information, please follow these steps to report it to us right away! You will be prompted through the process to change your password and security questions to prevent any further unauthorized activity.


I hope this helps!



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