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Warning! Fraudulent Email!

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Warning! Fraudulent Email!

If you receive an email from what seems to be PayPal stating something was denied for your safety and that you need to verify you are the account holder PLEASE pay attention to the actual email address or the URL you would follow from the email. They ask for address, mothers maiden name, SSN, and more.
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Re: Warning! Fraudulent Email!

I've gotten several fraudulent emails.  I'm wondering if they should be forwarded to PayPal for investigation.  There seems to be no way to forward them to PayPal, though!


Re: Warning! Fraudulent Email!

Hi @MamaCat1,


I'm sorry to hear that you've received fraudulent emails. Please forward them to 


Great catch, @JKrissLynn! You can also find more tips for spotting fake emails here.




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