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Unauthorized Charge from <removed> San Jose CA


Unauthorized Charge from <removed> San Jose CA

Following a iTunes purchase, a charge of $64.46 was withdrawn from my bank account by <removed> San Jose CA. I contacted my bank (that I’ve done business with for 21 years) and they explained this is a PayPal charge and to contact them and wished me luck. I’ve reached out to PayPal three times via phone and also emailed them and they said there is no record of these charges on my account. This is correct. These charges do not appear on my PayPal or iTunes account. But the money was withdrawn TWICE by PayPal from my bank account and appears on my statement.

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Re: Unauthorized Charge from <removed> San Jose CA

I have two charges as well. One from November and one from January. There is no record of this. Paypal please help!

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Re: Unauthorized Charge from <removed> San Jose CA

Same thing has happened to me as well as some other random charges not from "Paypal"


The thing is though, these "Paypal" purchases don't show up in my paypal.


Re: Unauthorized Charge from <removed>

Hi everyone,


I'm sorry to hear that there was unauthorized activity on your bank/credit/debit card accounts. The listing of the PayPal street address in association with these transactions is most likely a fraudulent merchant using PayPal's info as their credit card name, rather than an actual transaction made through the PayPal system. If the transactions do not show up on your PayPal account, you can contact PayPal by phone to request that a representative search for any activity outside your account associated with the card number. If the representative cannot find the transactions in question, then it is most likely a fraudulent merchant, and the activity would need to be reported directly to the card issuer as fraud. If the activity is on the PayPal system, the representative can open an investigation into the transaction. To contact PayPal by phone, click Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page, then Contact customer service, then Call us, then login to get the number or click call as a guest.


The card itself should be reported to your card issuing bank to have the number discontinued and a new number issued.


I hope this helps!




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Re: Unauthorized Charge from <removed> San Jose CA

I just received the same charge to my account but not the account linked to my paypal account. It says its from Paypal but on a card I use thats totally not used or listed on my paypal account here. I'm so confused! And my charge is for $500! but I haven't had any transactions from paypal that is that much!