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Unauthorised use

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Unauthorised use

I have a family member using my checking or credit card for PayPal payments how can I block this without closing my accts


Re: Unauthorised use

Hi @Dian1,


I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized use of your financial instruments! The next steps depend on whether the unauthorized use is through your own account or if they're directly using the card and bank information through their own account or through guest payments.


If they are logging into your account, you can change the password and keep them from logging in any longer. It's important never to share the password for your account. Pick a strong and unique password so no one can guess it!


If they have the account information and have either added it to their own account or are using guest checkout with it, you can call PayPal to report the card or bank as stolen, and a representative will block the ability to use that card or bank through PayPal in the future. However, if they have access to card information, there may be nothing stopping them from using that information on other platforms, so the best thing to do would be to contact the card issuing bank and have the card reissued with a different number. It is an inconvenience, but it's the only way to ensure that a compromised number cannot be used.


I hope this helps!




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