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Track IP Address from a Transaction

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Track IP Address from a Transaction

I had 3 purchases made on Feb 1 that were not authorized.  They were made from my account. That said, I was wondering if paypal keeps the IP Address that the transaction came from. I'm not worried about tracing back to the actual person because I believe I know who did it, but can't prove it.  If I can get the IP Address then I can go to that persons house, with the police and ask them to show us his IP Address on each computer in the house.  If paypal doesn't do this do you think the stores would track this?  The purchases totaled 370 and were bought from; Michael Kors, Macy's and Este Lauder.


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Track IP Address from a Transaction

PayPal does not share that type of info even if they have it.  (There are always server logs but, getting a business to provide that type of info would most likely require a bit of legal action.)

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