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The continuing aggravation of <removed> and PayPal Customer Service


The continuing aggravation of <removed> and PayPal Customer Service

So, going over my credit card statements a couple months back, I see a charge for $300 from "PAYPAL *MINNESOTASO <removed> CA 95131 US". There is no corresponding Paypal activity in my account at the PayPal site. I searched here, and found the "solved" answer to someone else's similar question - it's supposedly Paypal reaching in to my credit card account and transferring money when my Paypal balance is too low (?) But my Paypal balance didn't seem to reflect that.


So I tried calling Paypal and talking to an actual representative, and found that when you say "Representative", you get transferred, and then hung up on (! - each of the three times I tried it!). So I submitted the whole thing through the Paypal Resolution Center. Their reply, two days later:


"We've completed our review of your unauthorized activity case, and we’ve determined there was no unauthorized use."


...and that's it. No further explanation at all. Which to me means: in this age of identity fraud, you can expect to have intermittant several-hundred-dollar charges appear on your credit card from "Paypal", which don't appear in your activity at the Paypal site, nor do they seem to be reflected in your Paypal balance. If you call Paypal about them, we'll hang up on you. If you email Paypal about them, we'll reply with a one-line "don't worry your little head about it".


Even if this charge is exactly what was described (in one post, on a Paypal message board), this is terrible communication and customer service!