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Strong Current Enterprises - Items Not Received


Re: Strong Current Enterprises Limited a Rip Off

Don't let down your guard and don't rest until you have your money back. Contact your financial institution to see if they are willing to help. My bank asked me for all of my documentation and they may be pursuing things from their end. Not sure what they can do, but who knows - perhaps they can reach back and take the money from PayPal who will then be forced to take back from Strong Current Enterprises. Please keep posting updates here and keep hammering PayPal on Facebook and elsewhere.


I have tagged every post in this community the same way and am trying to pressure the community moderator PayPal_Ashley to respond. At one point in July 2017 she did specifically respond to a number of complaints and that post is marked as a Solution.


Re: Strong Current Enterprises Limited a Rip Off

Good one Kimmerbeth, just keep banging away and hopefully Paypal will be forced to act and stop these mongrels 

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Strong current enterprise

Ordered a month ago and cant track package
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Strong current enterprise

Received antenna and doesn't work, how can I get a refund .
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strong current enterprise

They are scam, their add came up in my facebook looks very enticing, they make it look like all real and legitimate, received item as well but its a peice of plastic **bleep**, doesn't work, when i scan tv for channel not even one come up from its antenna.

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Re: Strong Current Enterprises - Items Not Received

Yep, add me to the list as well - I've been scammed too, three items (antennas & amplifier) totalling approx $AU100.

I'm in the process of disputing it and communicating with seller through Paypal requesting a full refund, and this is the response (in red) I got from the seller...

Thanks for the details. We'll coordinate with our support team. Please expect a customer representative to attend to your concern. Meanwhile, kindly close this ticket. Thank you!


Well, quess what I won't be closing the tickets of dispute, I will fight!


I'm pretty p***ed off, how dare they take my money?


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Strong Current Enterprises Limited : This company ok?

just ordered from this company and then I got  a creapy feeling about it and it looks like others using PayPak did not receive anything for their money,

Please say it isn't so.



Strongcurrent took ny noney through paypal the item (indoor Anttenna )


I saw strongcurrentweb selling  somthing to provide more than 100 extra channels.So I fulishly order it  on 25 July 17 paid through PayPal.  Eversince  I tried to cancel order but got email through Paypal that it will be dilivered soon & gave me tracking No. which did not work untill 12 August 17. I compained to PayPal , then it arrived,Was shocked to see a Flimzy very thin plastic cover  by trying to see if I will receive upto 100 extra channels,but It only gave few Freeviow channels less than 9 after pointing all over in room. As I closed claim on paypal  as soon the delivery came .So now I am lost

looks like a scam website & all their companys


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Re: Strongcurrent took ny noney through paypal the item (indoor Anttenna )

Facebook should be responsible for all losses since they are allowing Strong Current (the scam company) to advertise on Facebook!

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Have anyone from the Community delt with Strong Current Enterprises ? If yes, plese describe the experience, thank You !