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Strong Current Enterprises - Items Not Received

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Re: pedido de Strang Current Enterprises Limited

Suggest that you open a "dispute" in the Resolution Center.


Why does PayPal allow a Scam company to continue?

Strong Current Enterprises is definitely A scam company that has more than 50 complaints and yet PayPal continues to allow them to Scam money off innocent people! PayPal should bar them!

Re: Why does PayPal allow a Scam company to continue?

Thanks to PayPal, I received my full refund Smiley Happy.


My escalation to PayPal process took a couple of weeks.


During that time, the crooks sent me another NON-EXISTENT tracking number for my packages, which I quickly emailed through to PayPal, along with a screenshot of the "tracking" information, which showed the status of "UNKNOWN".


I ceased all correspondance with the seller once I escalated.


The pathetically Incompetent Strong Current Enterprises (ICE) is so dodgy, I'm glad PayPal exists to be a watchdog for such crooks.  Credit card companyies have a similar process, however I think their time frames around eligibility to submit claims are different.


On another note, watch out for FreeSeeTV, this crowd is the "support" team for the clowns at ICE.  I don't know if they are affiliated with any other "deals too good to be true" businesses, but if you see the name...take you're fingers off the keyboard.


Good job PayPal!!!!


Thanks for your time Smiley Happy


Re: Why does PayPal allow a Scam company to continue?

Now up to over 180 complaints ...


I have an issue with this seller as well; don't believe I completed purchase process but they took money anyway. Immediately emailed and asked to cancel and refund and have not had a response to three messages I've sent in last six days. Opened dispute in PayPal and they denied. Really upset, especially since I see that there are over 180 complaints about this seller.

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Strong Current Enterprises Limited Frog Home Theater Box

 Has ony one bought a frog TV box that claims free streaming TV Movies?Strong Export Services Limited 

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strong current enterprises ltd.

I have unfortunetly purchased 3 of these antenna tried one and it is useless. I want to return them but i cannot find an address to send them . I also sent an e-mail to the company which was returned by the postmaster.

Can anyone help me,



Re: strong current enterprises ltd.

file item not as described and you will hear from them.

else case closed in your favor,you keep the worthless item and get your money back


Re: strong current enterprises ltd.

 doesn't work .This antenna is worthless, 


Re: strong current enterprises ltd.

Read messages above.   Send a message through EBAY (If you purchased tthat way). there will be no e=answer, file complaint with Paypal, escalate in sufficient time for them to answer, then refund comes your way.



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Re: Strong Current Enterprises - Items Not Received

Sono dei truffatori, io ho ordinato antenna tv interna e dopo un mese non e ancora arrivata. Oltretutto non è mai arrivata la meil di conferma dell ordine. Mi aspettavo che PayPal fosse un po più seria x quanto riguarda le truffe....che delusione