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Strong Current Enterprises - Items Not Received


Re: Strong Current enterprises is it a scam

Ive done exactly the same as you cannot get money back or even ....who are these people !!! Paypal shoukd blacklist them

Strong Current Enterprises - Misleading Practices - PayPal_Ashley please help

Hi - on Christmas Day I followed a Facebook add for FoxTV antenna and started purchase. Toward the end I was taken to a page where I could add on an amplifier. I did not want this, but could not see any way to decline the add on item so I exited the browser thinking I was abandoning purchase. A few hours later I saw the purchase had gone through and immediately emailed the vendor asking them to CANCEL the order and REFUND the $65.99 purchase price.  I followed up and opened a dispute in PayPal.  PayPal denied my dispute and now I have no way to elevate dispute to claim - when I try to open new case I just get "We're unable to file a case for this transaction."


I see that there are many complaints about this vendor: /t5/About-Protections/Strong-Current-Enterprises-Items-Not-Received/m-p/1259047#M32824 and at one point PayPal_Ashley responded with a solution. My issue isn't that I didn't receive the item - my issue is that I thought I had abandoned the purchase yet it went through.  I contacted the seller immediately and they have not responded to any of the three messages I've sent in the last six days asking them to CANCEL the order and REFUND my money.


I want the seller to be investigated - there seem to be enough complaints that perhaps it's better that they simply not be allowed to operate on this platform. And yes, I want my $65.99 back. PayPal_Ashley can you help?


Strong Current Enterprises Limited

Seem like I have joined the growing number of people stung by this company, including the double dipping that others have suffered. Stay well away from this dodgey company. Not sure how I will get on, I did lodge a complaint straight away with Paypal regarding the the fact they charged me for 2 units as I only wanted one but Paypal responded that it wasn't an unlawful transaction. I am now going to lodge a clain against this company with Papal, not sure how I will get on but these people have to be stopped or Paypals reputation as a safe way to do business is really put to question.

 Cheers Vorm


Strong Current Enterprises Limited

What is this? What am I being charged for?
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Re: Strong Current Enterprises Limited



Try google, may give you some idea about who you purchased from.


Re: Strong Current Enterprises Limited

That was the first thing I did.. lol Thank you for the helpful advice!
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Strong Current Enterprises LTD.

Hi all,

I ordered 2 items from this company way back in 2017 and still have not received them. Getting quite concerned now. Any advise would be appreciated.


Rich W. 

Re: Strong Current Enterprises LTD.

I also ordered  from Strong Current Enerprises and have recieved nothing!  What do we do now.?



Re: Strong Current Enterprises LTD.

I put the item in dispute, have received £35.74 for the warranty, and am now awaiting the refund for the item.

I do not understand why this company is still able to function with the help of Paypal.

Strong Current Enterprises Limited

I ordered 3 antennas from these people and these antennas are useless to me as they do not work like PROMISED. I want to return these antennas for a refund but when I call Strong Current Enterprises Limited I keep getting a recording that no one is at that desk right now and to call back later. I think this company is a scam. Joseph7
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