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Sold a drone on ebay, shipped, and the buyer cancelled their payment after the shipment. Help Please

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Sold a drone on ebay, shipped, and the buyer cancelled their payment after the shipment. Help Please

This is kind of a last resort. I sold a Drone on eBay for $721.18 on January 14. I was in direct communication with the buyer and everything sounded fine. They needed time to send the payment, and it took a few days, but a few days later, I got a notification saying that there was a payment pending from this person. I still did not want to send it until it was fully in my account. I asked the buyer to contact Paypal and she responded saying that her bank had made it pending for something like safety purposes. I thought this made sense, because it was an expensive purchase, and I sent the drone. All was fine until the day before its expected delivery. I got an email from Paypal saying the pending payment was cancelled and the buyer was refunded. I immediately called eBay, who said everything was going to be fine. I gave it a few days, saw no payment, and then called again. I was told the same thing. Another few days went by, so I called again. I was now told to call Paypal, so after a few tries using their call back phone system, I finally got someone on the line. They told me there was nothing they could do and put me to someone else on the line. That person told me to send them an invoice on Paypal for the exact amount and if that does not work, file a complain with the IC3. So, I sent the invoice, with a nice message explaining the situation (I was trying to remain polite and calm). I did not receive any emails or a payment back from her, so a few days later I contacted the IC3. Since them, I have gotten no response from anybody. If a similar situation has happened to anyone else or someone has a suggestion, I would appreciate some guidance here. Thanks for reading this long experience. 

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Re: Sold a drone on ebay, shipped, and the buyer cancelled their payment after the shipment. Help Pl

$700 is a lot of money, @Harezp. I'm sure that you learned from this is that you should be more strict with your rules for large purchases - especially orders, not items, that are over $30.


As long as you sent the item to the shipping address, that is located in the "Transaction details," and file within 180 days, you should be eligible for Seller Protection - considering that the User Agreement does not say anything about transactions that were "Pending." You can find Seller Protection information by logging into PayPal -> at the bottom, click on "Legal" -> click on "Select your location" to select your location -> click on "PayPal User Agreement" -> If you can, press Ctrl+F and search for "Accepting Payments From Buyers for Goods and Services." Good luck!

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