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Requesting Refund of Return Shipping


Requesting Refund of Return Shipping

I returned an item to the seller and was given a refund of the full purchase price, which included the shipping fee to send the item to me. I was then told by a PayPal customer support rep. that I could also receive a refund through Paypal for my cost to ship the item back. He sent me a message on my Paypal account giving me the steps to follow in order to get that refund. I gave all info they asked for and uploaded photos of the package and my receipt for payment to USPS. The message said I would receive an e-mail notifying me that my request had been received and later another e-mail with the outcome of the claim. I never received any e-mails, but, I was able to see that there was a claim (with an ID #) that was being reviewed. A week later I notice that the claim is still being reviewed, but, there is a notification that says "you have received the maximum refunds allowed for this transaction". Why even tell me that I can be reimbursed for my return shipping fee if you're not going to do it??? I have called Paypal 3 times and gotten the run around or incorrect information from all 3 of the customer support people I talked to. One rep gave me an internet address to log in to ask questions regarding the claim, but, the website would not come up. Sometimes, it seems, talking to someone at Paypal is like two people speaking  completely different languages trying to carry on a conversation.  Frustrating to say the least! 

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Re: Requesting Refund of Return Shipping

Have you used the Return Shipping On Us program before? You can use it up to 12 times per calendar year and up to $30 per claim. You might want to check how much the claim was just in case you received the notification because of the fact that the claim was more than $30. Even if the return shipping was more than $30, you should still receive no more than $30.

If you haven't used the Return Shipping On Us before or used it less than 12 times, then it's possible that someone else has used your account without your knowledge. If you know that's the case, then you must follow the steps at if you live in the US. Don't worry, the link doesn't take you to a form. If you live outside of the U.S., then all I can say is to contact customer service by phone at or by email at and tell them that there's been an identity theft on your account. Yes, when someone uses your account on any service, it is usually considered identity theft. Now, I don't know if the amount of using the Return Shipping On Us will be affected or not. Please let me know what happens! I will be glad to hear from you!