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Hey Guys:  Sold car on Ebay motors.  Buyer shipped car to Gerogia.  He claims scratches and he wants $1000 partial refund.  I offer full refund if car returned.  Will I be forced by paypal to pay for shipping?  Thanks

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Re: Refund

Hello @JoeBIII! If you and the buyer made an agreement within 20 days before the PayPal dispute (only the buyer can initiate a dispute) escalates to a claim then, yes, you will need to honor whatever you have agreed on.


Fortunately, if the dispute escalates to a claim and PayPal sees that the car is significantly not as described, damaged during transit, wasn't described as a counterfeit (aka, not authentic), wrong item, or was missing, the return shipping will be at the buyers expense when PayPal requests them to ship the car. Keep in mind that PayPal may request the buyer to ship to PayPal themselves (for inspecting the car themselves), your return shipping address, or to a third-party - it all depends on what happens when documents are collected or if you requested the car to be shipped to a third-party (I wouldn't know for a fact if requests can be made). The buyer must also provide proof of return delivery, for transactions that are $750 USD (or the foreign currency threshold stated in the "PayPal User Agreement" under "PayPal’s Purchase Protection Program") or more, by providing a signature confirmation of delivery. As soon as the buyer provides proof of returned delivery or doesn't return the car, this is when PayPal will make the final decision.

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Re: Refund



There is no buyer protection on paypal for motor vehicles so he could not open a paypal dispute.

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