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Person lying about them not making a purchase

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Hello, They opened up a case against me saying they never authorized the transaction. Like really 2 months later and then 3 months later for each payment he did he files a case. We had this talk through Instagram so I have proof it says the dates we chatted. and there the same ones from when he made the payment on Paypal. Thankfully he wasn't smart enough to remember to delete his messages. On Instagram only the person who sends the message can delete that message. I could have not change anything from what he sended unless i deleted the chat completely. I just screen shotted them just incase he tries to delete the his side of the messages. He already made some what so I can't find him on ig already but i got the screen shots. Paypal already  basically said that they are giving him his money back. the money that he was claiming he didnt send to me was pending before but now its not and my account balance is negative. It says there reviewing it agian but im still worried.

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