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Payments to paypsl

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Payments to paypsl

On my activity i have a thing where $99 and some change was paid to pay pal for monthly billing to PayPal. Not something I bought it says paid to PayPal for subscription but i have not subscribe to anything and it's just paypal and it it says something about $10,000 per month are something im confused

Re: Payments to paypsl

Hi @Jrthepainter,


I'm very sorry to hear about unrecognized charges! You will be able to see the details of any subscriptions and cancel them by following these steps. Sometimes looking at the details of the subscription helps people remember something they purchased a long time ago. If that is not the case here and you believe that the subscription was initiated through unauthorized access to your account, please follow these steps to report the activity and re-secure your account.


I hope this helps!




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