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Payment not recorded

New Community Member

Payment not recorded

I recently found a charge on my bank account (which is what my pay pal is linked to) for $3.59 but when I sign into my pay pal account, there is noting in my transactions for $3.59. And I didn’t buy anything f for $3.59. Do you think this is a hack job or what else could it be?

Re: Payment not recorded

Hi Jllil7,


I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized activity, that can be really frustrating. If you're unable to see the charge within PayPal, I would advise reporting the unauthorized activity to your bank or card company so that they can ensure your account number is changed and resecured. They'll let you know what options you have to report the charge, or you can contact us so that we can look into it. I hope this information helps!


- Ashley M

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