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Payment not going through - pending


Payment not going through - pending

Hello I recieved a payment of $100 and it is currently on pending, it's been like this for a week. I emailed paypal and was replied with 


Thank you for contacting PayPal about your pending funds.

You can contact the buyer at any time to find out whether the funds have been transferred from their bank account.

When your buyer from Germany initiates a PayPal payment by bank transfer from a German bank account, you will automatically receive an e-mail, which states that the bank transfer was initiated. You can see this transaction as "Pending" in your PayPal history log.

To complete the payment, the buyer must transfer funds from their bank account. Once the buyer transfers the funds from their bank account, the payment will complete within 3-4 business days. Then the payment will be "Completed," in your History Log and the funds will be posted to your account balance.

If the payment is not completed within 10 days, it will be canceled. Please note that you should not send the merchandise until the status of the payment is "Completed."

Thank you for being part of the PayPal community.

PayPal Customer Solutions

 Unfourtunatly the buyer blocked me (via after receiving the item of purchase. Is there anything I can do? Shouldn't the $100 go through and if he doesnt have enough funds- be put into the negative so I can receive the money?

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Re: Payment not going through - pending

LOoks like you got ripped off. Never send goods until payment is cleared. Particularly digital goods. PayPal does not cover payments for you. They always tell you to wait for funds to clear first before sending goods. But wait the full 10 days to see if it clears.  It could still clear.  If payment is canceled then you’re out of gas.

Kudos are greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy