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PayPal won't refund my money


PayPal won't refund my money

On February 14th I sent a $40 pymt to my sister. There was no product involved she loaned me $40 on Feb 6th and I was paying her back. I made the with my checking account not realizing it would take over a week to clear. On her end it said payment was pending until 2/21/2018. That was too long so I tried to cancel the pymt and resend using my debit card, but the system wouldn't allow me to cancel so on the 14th I made a pymt of $41.46 (which included the $1.46 fee paypal charged) and the $40 echeck. I called Paypal right away but since the payment hadn't come out of my checking account there was nothing I could do...but on the 15th both payments posted to my account! I called back and was told I would have to wait until 2/22 to try and cancel the transaction in the meantime I contacted my bank and they gave me the ach transaction id# for the $40. I spoke to someone at paypal several times each time giving them the darn transaction#. I spoke to someone this past Monday trying to get my $40 back and now they are telling me they never received the $40 because the transaction was cancelled...BUT I'm looking at the transaction on my bank statement! How do I get my money back and why doesn't paypal keep and audit trail/notes on our files when we're calling in a bout a dispute??

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Re: PayPal won't refund my money



If it was funded from your bank account then it would be credited to your paypal account balance.

If so you may have spent it when you purchased items?

Check on any transactions around that time and see if they were funded by that balance.

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