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PayPal transferred my money?


PayPal transferred my money?

I'm looking at my paypal account and I have -345$ and it's because it says that it was a Paypal transfer of -345$ but it's not in my bank or anywhere where I would know where the money would be. It won't let me report of unauthorized activity and I don't know what to do.


Re: PayPal transferred my money?

Hi @tobiasmetten,


I'm sorry to hear that there is an unrecognized transfer. If the transfer was to a bank account rather than a transaction involving another PayPal member, then the unauthorized activity would have to be reported by contacting PayPal customer support. You can reach customer support by Facebook, Twitter, or phone or email. A representative will be able to help you get the unauthorized activity recorded and will let you know what the next steps are.


I hope this helps!




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